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Aug 31, 2013 7:00pm EDT
." the 50thdiscussion on anniversary of the march on washington, and the legacy of martin luther king jr.. series, first ladies, influence and image. over the next couple of hours, we will visit places with history curators. away fighting the revolutionary war, martha washington ran their plantation. >> it is clear that martha arrived at mount vernon in 1859 and there was a lot of management that she had to do. when she married george washington, she brings with her to mount vernon 12 housemates. that is really almost unimaginable luxury. these are slaves that are for the most part, not field labor, not producing crops, which is where your income is coming from. they are doing things like cooking, serving at table, clean the house, doing the laundry, doing selling, this is not productive labor in the sense that it is not productive income. she brings them with her and she brings financial resources to the marriage as well as her managerial skills. it makes mount vernon a successful operation and it makes it possible for washington to be away for eight years fighting a war. the fact that
Aug 18, 2013 6:00am EDT
fullness of time as light was fading in washington, she would give birth to a first class story, you know. one that not only clearly explained the complicated, sometimed overlapping opinions, but also put them in context, spelled out the possible consequences of various strains in the decision. and it was a thing of beauty and it would arrive on your doorstep something like 24 hours after anything had happened and that was fine, that was the way the world worked. the nostalgia i have for those days cannot be overstated. and we would also routinely publish very extended, like full page of excerpts. why? because that was the only way you could see a part of the decision. many years ago our associate in new york city law firm, weeks would pass before i would get on a list of 15 lawyers finally get to see the actual decision and read an actual supreme court decision. so, all of this is gone. we now live in an era of speed. i think what i noticed this last term is that it's bleeding into the medium level cases. i understand what when the health care cases decided or when same-sex marriage deci
Aug 18, 2013 12:00am EDT
time. >> on the next "washington journal," discussion about the political unrest in egypt with jon alterman of the center for strategic and international studies. then taxpayers for common sense vice president stephen ellis talks about the national flood insurance program and how a new law is causing rates to rise. after that, we look at how social media might be used to help predict the outcome of u.s. house elections with indiana university professor five io -- fabio rohas. your calls, tweets, and e-mails along with calls beginning live at 7:00 a.m. eastern here on c- span. ," ours weeks "newsmakers guest is the ceo of heritage action for america. he talks about his organization's agenda and its position on issues pertaining to health care and immigration. here's a preview. [video clip] >> in this environment right now, it is very difficult to handle immigration the way we should be. which is bypassing piecemeal pieces of legislation, getting the border secure. we also have a gigantic imbalance between labor supply and labor demand. all of those questions do not require amnesty.
Aug 17, 2013 7:00pm EDT
. programs on every first lady from martha washington-ida mckinley. >> she was not happy her husband had been elected president. she never made it to washington. >> when he resigned, he and his wife and their family moved here to williamsburg. it was here that letitia tyler suffered a stroke. john tyler learned he was elected as vice president of william perry region william henry harrison. it is here that he became 10th president of the united states, so she learned she became the first lady. >> she had another terrible stroke, and her husband goes into morning, and then he meets another young lovely in her 20's. >> i think of her as the madonna of first ladies. she posed as a model at a time that was frowned upon, by all accounts was bewitching. >> there were 90 slaves, and they were her supervision. julia lobbied for her husband, and she supported him tremendously in everything she did. >> untimely death, a secret marriage, and outsize personality are stories of the women we examined tonight. good evening, and welcome to the season series of first ladies. william henry harrison was in
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4